Cannes Film Festival Hair: Elizabeth Olsen


Elizabeth Olsen, sister to the famous Olsen Twins and star of Indie flick Martha Macy May Marlene, looked gorgeous at this year's cannes International Film Festival. Celebrity Hair Stylist Giannandrea created two chic red carpet styles for Elizabeth.


For the Martha Macy May Marlene Premiere, Giannandrea took inspiration from La Belle Époque: "An avant-garde and ethereal up-do with soft finger waves, adorned with a modern Chanel metal chain head band. Tres chic for Cannes!”

I applied Kerastase Volumactive to dry hair, and blew out the whole head to get a voluminous dry texture.  I then brushed the whole head , sectioned a side part, and started waving the hair with 1/4 inch curling iron in small sections. After that I brushed the whole head again, and sprayed Klorane Dry Shampoo over the entire length. I put the Chanel head band on, and then took the whole length and twisted it back in into a soft bun. I pinned the low bun with volume in the back to resemble a bob, keeping a few soft waves out near the face.  This framed the face to gave a very soft youthful look.”


For the Marth Macy May Marlene photocall, Giannandrea went for a lighter and younger cut and style: “I wanted to impress on the French press what an angelic, fresh face beauty Elizabeth is. No thrill or frills,  just beautiful hair that reflect  youthfulness.”

Again I used  Kerastase Volumactive to build a base volume on wet hair. I air-dried the whole head and brushed until dry. I sectioned a side part and used a 1 inch curling iron in large twisted sections. I then used my hands a finger to break up the sections. It's a simple, easy, and clean texture.”

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