Kandee Johnson Prom Beauty Contest Recap


Beauties, our Kandee Johnson Prom Beauty Contest was SUCH a hit that we couldn't have just one winner. We chatted with Kandee about her own prom beauty and her regrets, and she was so inspired by all the entries and stories.  We had such an influx of amazing entries that we couldn't just choose just one winner!


We chose Merideth D. as our winner for the Kandee Johnson Prom Beauty Contest because she embodies the ultimate prom beauty look: fresh, bright, and fun! We love that she can laugh about her self-tanning mishap—haven't we all been there? :) Merideth will receive Kandee's personally curated Prom Beauty kit plus a Beautylish t-shirt and extra swag.

"All the makeup items were drugstore products, so I was beyond excited about the look's affordability. I was in LOVE with my dress's sweetheart neckline, and my bouquet (which my mom arranged)!

_For the makeup: I used three different shades of purple on my lids to help create dimension, and used Maybelline's Lash Stilletto mascara (the waterproof formula). I tightlined my eyes with NYC white eyeliner to help them stand out in photos. I dusted a matte, rosy pink Revlon blush across my cheeks, and contoured with some matte drugstore bronzer. Lastly, I applied a clear, glittery lipgloss for added shine around my super excited smile! :) In my clutch, my must-haves were Clean &Clear oil blotting wipes, my digital camera, a sample-size of Viva La Juicy perfume, bobby pins, lip gloss, and Mentos!! _

My biggest regret was having a tank-top tanline with my strapless dress hahaha. I wasn't even really concerned about it, but my mom insisted that she help fade them with bronzer. After prom ended, the inside of my dress had bronzer stains along the edges, haha! Looking back, I can't help but laugh! I had an Amazing night full of dancing, fruit punch, and yummy chocolate fondue! :D"


We had so many fantastic entries that we couldn't just pick one winner. Here are our fabulous runner-ups who will be receiving a little gift of their own :)

Olivia M.

"I think must-haves for prom or any special event is a GREAT setting spray, so your makeup lasts!"

Heather C.

"This is me for prom 2003! I didn't want to go at all, I didn't have a date...a couple of my friends convinced me last minute to go so I threw this together. Did my own hair, and make-up nothing fancy—If I were planning on going I would have done more glam such as glitter, and false eye lashes."

Hailey B.

"My eyes were a subtle silver smokey eye with winged black gel eyeliner and lots of mascara!"

Mary L.

"I regret the fact that I let someone younger than me do my makeup...I didn't wear false eye lashes or foundation. I still had a great time with my boyfriend and it was an amazing event!"

Leanna H.

"I wanted to keep my dress the main focus of my look , so I went with a smokey shimmery neutral eye, bronzey-dark pink cheeks, and soft yet dramatic red lips."

Mallory D.

"My essentials:  1. An awesome hair do. 2. A sleek dress that makes you feel sexy. 3. Bronzed and glowing makeup."

Vanessa G.

"Some must have prom beauty essentials: false eyelashes and dramatic eyeshadow. It pulls more of a dramatic intensity towards your eyes which is different from your everyday make up."

Serina T.

"This dress totally describes my personality. Because the dress is so bold and has a lot going on, I wanted the rest of my outfit, hair, nails, jewelry, and makeup to be very simple."

Jennifer L.

"I wanted to do a prom-inspired look anyone could do on their own using affordable products."

Karin L.

"I liked the look, because it was simple yet cute :) I felt really confident."

Andreina M.

"The curls in my hair at first were a bit strong but they later fell into beautiful soft waves."

Kelsie S.

"My dress was so over the top, I figured it best to keep my makeup toned down."

We want to thank everyone for entering the contest—all entries were amazing! A special thank you to Kandee Johnson for co-hosting this contest with us. xoxo