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What's it like to be Elle Fowler (YouTube's AllThatGlitters21) with millions of fans following your every move? To kick off the new "Day in the Life" interview series, Beautylish's Ning catches up with Elle at the Schick Shower Your Senses Mobile Tour to find out how this online superstar spends 24 hours. Speaking of Schick, click here for your chance to win a year's supply of disposable razors!

day in the life Elle Fowler

8:00am  Wake up and brush teeth: "I'm a toothbrush addict. I brush my teeth about five times a day. I'll probably ruin my teeth because I'm brushing them too much. Right now, I'm using a Crest Spinbrush Pro."

8:05am  Jump in shower, wash my face and put on moisturizer: "I have really dry skin, so I never skip the moisturizer. I also think it prevents premature aging of the skin."

8:30am  Apply face foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer: "I always leave my eyes and lips until after I do my hair, so that makeup stays fresher. Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation is the only foundation I ever use. I break out easily and this keeps my skin clear and gives good coverage. Blair has super oily skin and I have dry, but we both use this foundation. Cle de Peau concealer is my favorite product. I use it anywhere on my face that I need a little more cover up. I was resistant to try this concealer because it's so pricey, but I tried everything else. Finally, I gave in and tried it at the Cle de Peau counter and fell in-love. It really gives me better coverage than anything else. For blush and bronzer, I always use MAC."

8:45am Style hair: "If I washed my hair that morning, It takes me an hour to style it because my hair is really curly. If it's already dry, it only takes 15 minutes."

9:00am Feed Pinecone (Elle's Persian kitten): "Pinecone gets wet food in the morning and at night and access to dry food all the time, but he's still a little food monster! He will howl in his food corner in the kitchen until I give him his wet food."

9:05am Get dressed: "I always apply my deodorant and perfume after I get dressed because I don't like to get deodorant on my clothes. So I'll apply it at night before bed and after I put on my clothes in the morning. Right now I'm wearing Miss Dior Cherie perfume. Ruehl is my all-time favorite fragrance. It's from Abercrombie and Fitch's more expensive line, but now it's discontinued. After I put on my perfume, I'll put on my jewelry."

9:15am Finish applying makeup: "It takes me about an hour and a half to get ready in the morning and the last thing I do are my eyes and lips. MAC is my favorite for all color—eye shadow, blush, liner. On my lips, I use MAC gloss. I rarely wear lipstick or liner. Lips are the one thing I will forget to do. I will go all out on my eyes, but forget to apply gloss on my lips."

9:30am Off to a business meeting: "I'm usually running out the door because I'm really late and stuffing crackers in my mouth. So normally I'm starving by lunch."

Noon: Lunchtime: "If it's a video day, I'll spend the morning getting ready and then I'll eat lunch before I actually sit down to start filming."

1:00pm: Film videos: "I usually film three videos in a day. I like to stockpile them. It takes me about an hour for each video, unless it's a tutorial. If I'm filming a tutorial, I'll only do one a day because it's more intricate. It still takes me one hour to film, but tutorials are more involved. I have to do one eye before I start and be more detailed. I always shoot my videos straight through and then edit. I'm not a computer genius, but imovie was on my computer and it was very easy for me to use for editing. Over the past two and a half years, I've learned few editing tricks too, which helps. When I film three videos in one day, I'll keep the exact same look and clothes so you'll know I shot them the same day. I get my video inspirations from artwork, celebrity look, and subscriber requests. The day before Easter, I was going to take the day off but I got randomly inspired to do a pink Easter look so I filmed that video. Pinecone is always sitting on my feet when I'm filming. He's deaf, so I think it's comforting for him to know I'm around. When he sleeps, he always keeps a paw on my arm."

4:00pm Office mode: "I usually don't film and edit my videos on the same day. After I'm done filming, I'll let the videos upload on my computer while I manage the videos and look at emails. I get about a hundred business emails a day and thousands of fan emails. I spend an hour responding to emails and then I write my blog. I've always loved writing—I was a communications major in college. I don't have to be 'on' when I'm writing—like I do for the videos—so it's more relaxing for me."

6:00pm Dinnertime: "I eat dinner at the same time every day. And this is when I feed Pinecone his dinner too. If I've been filming videos all day, I'll take the evening off and hang out with friends or watch movies. I have to be so 'on' for the videos that I want to decompress after."

9:00pm Remove makeup: "I get an evening in about once a week. I'll get ready for bed early and put my hair in a ponytail and take my makeup off. I take off my eye makeup first with Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover. I find that other makeup removers can irritate or give me milia under my eyes. This one is a double-layered formula that's moisturizing, which is good because I have dry skin. I always cleanse my face twice because I feel like I don't get everything off the first time. I've been using the Arcona Kiwi Cleanse Bar to wash my face. I usually don't like bar soaps, but this foams into a thick lather and really gets off all my makeup. After washing my face, then I use eye makeup remover again because there's always some leftover eye makeup under my eyes."

9:15pm Relax in bath: "After taking my makeup off, I'll immediately get in the bath. Bubble baths at night are my time. I take about three or four a week. I'll pour a glass of champagne and read a book and really relax. Pinecone's obsessed with water so half the time he jumps into the bubble bath too! I'll stay in the bathtub for about 45 minutes, or until the water starts getting cold. During the bath, I'll put on a face or hair mask. I love Lush Oatifix. It's really good for dry sensitive skin like mine and it smells like brown maple sugar. It's edible too, so if a little gets on my mouth, I'll lick it—it tastes so good! It's a fresh mask, so you have to keep it in the fridge and use it up quickly, or it goes bad. For my hair, I like Lush Jasmine & Henna Fluff Ease. It makes my hair soft and smell good. I also like Lush H'Suan Wen Hua, which smells like gingerbread. I'll apply hair masks to my dry hair, leave it on for 20 minutes, then wash it out. My hair is naturally curly, frizzy, and tangled, and these hair masks really help."

10:00pm Moisturize and unwind: "I always apply face and eye cream at night. I've been using Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream and Hydrating Eye Cream lately, but I change it up. On my lips, I use MAC Tender Tones, which was discontinued, or Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine. I love the smell of Jasmine. It's so girly and feminine. Then I put on my pjs and watch a movie, talk on the phone with friends, or hang out with my sister. Pinecone's been acting really attention-deprived lately. He looks at me with his huge blue eyes and meows. But he gets lots of attention at night. I'll snuggle and play with him until he falls asleep."

2:00am Bedtime: "If I've been working all day, doing appearances and meetings, then I'll be working straight until 2am. But I'm a night person. I get a burst of energy in the evenings and go downstairs and clean the kitchen or edit videos. Sometimes I'll end up cooking dinner for everyone on my floor!"

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