Must Try: Neon Glitter Pigments


If bright, bold makeup is what you’re after, the new ElektroCute Sparkling Neon Pigments by Sugarpill Cosmetics are everything you could ever want and then some—with glitter. Each of the five rainbow shadows contains glitter dust  that makes them sparkle to an almost impossible extent. The loose powder pigments can be worn pretty much anywhere on the face or body, and mixed into other mediums and makeup products (including nail polish!), but we especially love them for eyes. You’ll get the most electrifying results if you use an eyeshadow primer to pump up the intensity and make the color last.

The color range includes Love Buzz, a hot flamingo pink; Supercharged, a neon orange; Hi-Viz, a bright lemon yellow; Sparkage, a yellow-green; and Hellatronic, an electric blue with violet undertones. The colors pop day or night, but they also glow in the dark under black lights—a good way to really add an extra oomph to any look. You can use your fingers to pat pigments on in bold streaks, or for more linear designs, use a brush. Do a few layers if you want the colors to  translate really well under ultraviolet light; for extra hold, we recommend Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue. If you’re after just a hint of glowing dazzle for the dance floor, try mixing a small amount into your regular eye shadow.

I love how versatile these shades are! As with all of Sugarpill’s pigments, you can control how intense you want the color to be. They can also be applied wet, and mix with water as well as any loose pigments I’ve tried. One more idea: dip a fine-point brush in water and mix with a little of the pigment, then paint on electric-hued brows! (Can you tell we’re excited for Halloween?) As a bonus, each jar is generously sized (5 grams) and the products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Available now! Shop the product here.