The Happiest 5K on Earth: The Color Run, San Francisco!


The Color Run is one-of-a-kind. Imagine powdered pigment fused with the exhilaration of running on pavement—for five kilometers! With designated color zones at every stage, volunteers blitz you with saturated powder as you pass by. Professional triathlete and avid runner Travis Snyder started the traveling chromatic event with the goal of creating a non-threatening platform for professional and novice runners to enjoy the purity of the sport, and that’s exactly what he did. Unlike other organized runs, this color-crazy day is more focused on having fun—and less on your finish time. There are only two rules: You must wear a white shirt, and you must be color plastered at the finish line! How could we not get involved? Surprisingly, the magical color dust thrown at us was a special recipe based on cornstarch—perfect in case you manage to get hit in the kisser with a blast of fuchsia. 

Want to lace up those sneakers and join in on the fun? Find out here if The Color Run is coming to a city near you!