Duck Feet Nails? Crazy Awesome or Just Plain Crazy?


Everybody is abuzz about the latest nail trend: Duck feet nails. Also known as flared nails, this new style creates a wide broad nail tip that is sometimes wider than the nail bed itself. The result is a sort of triangular shape similar to that of, well... of a duck’s webbed feet.

We are still trying to figure out where exactly this trend began, though many seem to be pointing their doublewide digits toward shows like Jerseylicious. To us, the duck feet nail looks like the next step up from the ultra-long square shaped nails which, like it or not, have an unfortunate association with back alley beauty salons and strip clubs.

The attraction to the duck feet nails seems to have less to do with the shape itself and more to do with the size of the actual nail. The exaggerated amount of surface area is a nail artist’s dream, with ample space for 3D bows, rhinestones, glitter, hand-painted designs, and photo decals—and that’s all on one nail! The wide tip is achieved by fitting the nail with an acrylic tip several sizes up and filing the sides down slanted. Popular variations of the style are moon-shaped, which curve in at the tip, or crown-shaped nails that have two curves, and are the truest shape to a duck’s foot.

Duck feet nails leave us wondering how anyone functions in them. Just the idea of trying to type or put on rings already has us frustrated, but if you’re sick of accidentally sticking yourself with your ultra-pointy but still on trend stiletto manicure, duck feet nails may be just the thing for you! So, nail art enthusiasts, we’re asking you—have you found yourself flocking to duck feet nails, or is this a trend for the birds?