A Beginner's Guide to Beauty Networking 


Success is hard to define. In the beauty world, it’s usually a combination of luck, talent, and hard work that elevates someone to the top. The industry is filled with amazing opportunities, but it’s also up to you to get proactive about your career. Over the years, we’ve interviewed top beauty experts for their take on what it takes to thrive (Ve Neill’s IMATS seminar comes to mind), but here’s a quick checklist to get your foot in the door—your portfolio should do the rest!

Follow Through

You’d be amazed at how many beauty beginners miss career-making opportunities simply by forgetting to follow up on a meeting or chance conversation. Phone, email, or even snail mail is preferred—it’s never professional to text! Remember, there’s a fine line between persistence and pestering, so tread lightly and stay determined.

Engage With the Industry

More often than not, pros in the business will appreciate an enthusiastic, positive personality above all else. Put yourself out there. Go to beauty counters and events, and chat with the sales assistants. Get in contact with top makeup artists you admire and offer to assist them, and reach out to industry executives for an informational interview or even take them out for coffee. Remember, human resources are there to help—they want to find the next wave of gifted newcomers!

Stay Polished and Savvy

It’s a visual industry, and looks matter. Present yourself well (no jeans or chipped nails!), and order business cards showcasing your best work (MOO cards are the fastest and easiest way to start). Be sure to put all of your social media contact information on the card—Twitter handles, Facebook pages, blog links—anything that shows you’re online and in the beauty know. And for goodness sake, get out there!