Masked Beauty: Beautiful Masquerade Makeup


We’d kill to travel back in time to a place where masquerade balls and masks were customary, but luckily in today’s modern world, there’s nothing stopping us from trying any new beauty fad or idea. Case in point, a lace mask painted on to your face! We spotted these three stunning examples on Beautylish, and haven’t stopped thinking about fabricating our own.


If a whole mask is too much to start with, start with the lids! For Marilyn’s delicate look, use a tiny brush to create swirling patterns around your cut-crease eye look. 


Dramatic eyes become ethereal with the addition of a hand painted lace mask and silver shimmer. Nadjia makes things a little more interesting by emphasizing just one eye.


Next time you’re stuck for a costume idea, think of Bec’s incredible lace stencil. Rather than tying a piece of lace across her eyes a lá Marie Antoinette, she used an airbrush to imprint the pattern onto her skin.