Weave Tricks: The Stick Straight Blend With Luna Lovebad


Pop singer, rapper, and internet sensation Luna Lovebad has a head of hair to envy. Her signature style is ultra-long, ultra-straight, extra-sleek, and utterly gorgeous. We were almost shocked to find out her straight and lengthy blonde locks were aided by a hefty dose of well blended hair extensions! Luna is clearly a master of the stick-straight blend. Read on as she gets down and dirty with us about how to pull off her clip-in straight style, or as she calls the experience—“weaveology 101.”

Quality Equals Quantity

HeadKandy makes a product called Quad Weft which is four stacked up tracks sewn onto a mesh strip. It gives you volume while blending the extensions better under your real hair. People say HeadKandy is too expensive, but it’s the best quality, and a single box always includes more hair than I need at once.

Don’t Be Blunt

The trick to blending straight weave into straight hair is to keep the ends of your hair cut soft. If the ends of your hair are too blunt, you’ll be more likely to tell where your real hair ends, and the weave begins.

Get Your Clips in Order

I use eight clip-in hair tracks –two three-inch wide ones for either side of my head, and three more for layering up the back which blends the weave gradually into my real hair. For the top layer in back, I use one extra-wide eight-inch track. The pattern the weave is placed in from ear to ear around the head is called a “horseshoe section”.

Tease Before You Clip it

First, I grab sections of my real hair and spritz hairspray at the root. I wait a few seconds for it to set, and then I tease the root lightly. Clipping over teased hair will give the extensions something to hold on to, and prevent slipping.

Straighten Up

Once i have all of the extensions in, I distribute S Factor's Shiny Happy People Shine Spray evenly through my hair with a comb. Then I flatiron both my real hair and the extensions at once, working from root to tip so it flows together.

Give it a finishing Touch

Finally, I pin the section of real hair under the first track at the nape of my neck. That way, it doesn’t hang around my shoulders and give my style away!