More People Have These Beauty Regrets Than You Think


In our world beauty rules are verboten, but we've all been guilty of an experiment or technique gone horribly awry. And it's clear from browsing the forum topic "What's Your Biggest Beauty Regret" that we're not alone.

Brows got a lot of attention in the thread. Seems like most of you really went to town on your arches—either by completely overplucking or letting them grow wild. Skin was a major concern as well. Perhaps the UV-loving, sunscreen-saving folk now know better after seeing dark spots crop up! Conversely, the smart self tanners also had their fair share of orange disasters, so it wasn't just the sun sinners.

The responses were varied as ever, but our favorite came from Lisa M., who said her biggest beauty regret was not pushing the envelope more often. Listen up Lisa—the good news is that there's still time!

Refining your beauty skills is part of process, and making mistakes is only natural. It's how we learn, grow, and develop our regimented routines and signature styles. We won't judge—what's your biggest beauty regret? Share your thoughts below.