Beauty Sleep—You’re Doing it Wrong


Fall's daylight savings switch activates an internal hibernation mode in all of us. Call it nature or a long day at work—somehow we end up sleeping earlier, waking up later, and hitting the snooze button twice as often.

Pillow talk—real pillow talk—is serious business around Beautylish, and with the winter season approaching you'd be hard-pressed to find a pillow we haven't tested for a sound night's sleep. The ingenious Polar Pillow already tackled the issue of cooling your skin down as you rest (hello August essential), but there's still the physicality of pressing your eyes, lips, and cheeks into something for seven hours which doesn't bode well for morning skin. Puffy eyes, mussed up lashes, and even the dreaded "pillowcase face" are all results of hitting the hay way too hard. Fortunately, we came across two power puffs that could help with the problem—they worked for us.


This double wrench-shaped pillow is for the lash extension fanatic in your life. By eliminating extra material at the sides, the LASHcloud centers your head weight onto the base of your cheeks instead of your eyes, which protects both real and fake lashes from friction and prevents puffy eyes. The pillow touts a load of other benefits including improving nasal air flow and enhancing the efficacy of anti-aging skin care products. We're not really buying those claims, but the unique crescent form alone makes it worth the cost.


Ever wake up with one obnoxious wrinkle all the way around the perimeter of your eyes? It happens to us way too often, which is we jumped at the chance to test Cupron pillowcase, a satin cover designed to tackle the issue once and for all. The science is in the copper infused into the fibers—a metal often used in anti-aging creams to promote collagen and elastin. It could just be the fact that we've switched to a satin texture for our face (known alongside silk to help with pillow wrinkles), but after four weeks of waking up with distinctly fresher skin and no complexion creases in sight, we're full converts to the cult of copper.

LASHcloud by NovaLash, $67.99, available at and Cupron Cosmetic Pillowcase, $49.95, available at