Beauty Horror Stories



Most hobbies have some sort of risk. The dangers are obvious for rock climbers and skiers, but have you ever thought about the hazards of your beauty routine? Unlike other industries, beauty junkies constantly experiment with new products and techniques. With proper usage, you're unlikely to face any dangers. However, disaster can strike when some Beauties decide to go rogue, and we have the horror stories to prove it. Read on for some of the worst, cringe-worthy tales and learn some life beauty lessons that will make you think twice before you turn kitchen scientist. Have any of your own beauty horror stories to share? Write to us in the comments below!

The Legend of the Poisonous Polish

Once upon a time, someone desperately needed a manicure. It was late at night, all the shops were closed, and she had but one polish to use. Unfortunately, the varnish had seen better days, and thickened up like jelly. Her solution? A splash of industrial-strength paint thinner in the bottle. After the initial burning sensation, it took her weeks for her poor nails to recover from the toxic attack.

The Moral of The Story: If it removes house paint, it's probably going to irritate your nails.

The Tale of the Bitter Brazilian

It was almost summertime, and this lady needed to "clean up" before beach season. Unfortunately, the salon was completely booked before her vacation. Her solution for a bikini-ready body? A DIY Brazilian using hot wax. After cleaning up the sticky, bloody, and painful mess, she realized she ripped the skin down there—yikes! Needless to say, she kept the cover-up on at the shore.

The Moral of The Story: Some things are better left to the professionals.

The Curse of the Bang Breakdown

It's a known beauty faux-pas to straighten your locks while wet, but one woman was in too much of a hurry to listen. Her chemically processed strands were already weak from bleach, but she needed a quick bang touch-up before work. As she ran the iron through her damp hair, she felt a huge snap. Her five-inch bangs were clamped to the straightener—and no longer on her head! Her new hair regimen? Head bands, hair clips, and deep conditioner!

The Moral of The Story: Even your hair has a breaking point. Tread lightly.