Beauty Library: 3 Makeup Books We Can’t Put Down!


We know it’s hard to pull away from the internet, but sometimes your eyes and mind need a fresh new dose of beauty inspiration—without the glaring screen. So, we’ve combed the library racks looking for the newest literary superstars! Our favorites range from wacked-out nail art to the full 411 on vintage beauty history. It’s time to close the screen (just for a few hours!) and cozy up to our top beauty books of the moment.

Bob Recine: Alchemy of Beauty

Acclaimed for designing Lady Gaga's avant-garde head dresses, legendary hairstylist and fine artist Bob Recine has elevated the art of tresses. In his newly launched book, Bob Recine: Alchemy of Beauty, we get a peek at his visionary genius. In addition to drool-worthy editorial images, pour over never-before-seen sketches, collages and paintings in the over-sized beauty anthology. An absolute coffee-table must-have, flick through this inspiring compendium of beauty and art next time you're feeling a creative block!

Beauty and Cosmetics 1550-1950 by Sarah Jane Downing

What do you get when you mix Jane Austen's charm with whole lot of toxic lead? 400 years of fascinating beauty history. Beginning with the Tudor court and documenting changes through to the mid-20th century, author Sarah Jane Downing presents a thorough, easy-to-digest summation of beauty trends over four centuries. Unlike heavy, encyclopedic art history books you never want to crack open, the concise work (less than 100 pages!) focuses on macro beauty movements prevalent in Western European culture. From real mouse-hair eyebrows to star-and-moon facial appliqués, you'll discover all the hidden—and mostly dangerous—hair, makeup, fragrance, and skin care secrets of your beauty-obsessed forebears. We highly recommend this introduction to beauty history.

Nailed: The History of
Nail Culture and Dzine

You've heard it time and time again—nail art is kind of a big deal these days. And what better way to celebrate the art form than with a stunning retrospective, courtesy of renowned Chicago-based artist, Dzine! Known for his highly ornamental painting and design aesthetic, Nailed: The History of Nail Culture and Dzine explores the relationship between contemporary underground nail art and music, fashion, art, and beauty. You'll see digit designs of a new caliber—filigree finger rings paired with tricked-out gel manis, piercing acrylic daggers, and an astounding use of color. This is not your mama's manicure, and our eyes gloss over every page in awe. Beauties, if you're even remotely into fancy fingertips, snag this gem now!

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