Wet-Weather Hairstyles


April showers mean blooming flowers, occasional rainbows, and lots of wet weather. But a fresh downpour doesn’t have to cramp your style! The prevalent humidity and moisture from rainfall is one of mother nature’s biggest beauty challenges, but have no fear—these three hairstyles will make you want to sing in the rain!


For a quick and flattering rain-proof style, loosely tie your hair up into a low side ponytail and texturize the tendrils that cascade down your collar bone. Use your favorite scarf or headband to cover the impending halo of frizz around your hairline.


Forget about straight and sleek—rain and humidity make the perfect concoction for wavy tresses. Since unruly, poofy curls are still wet beauty hazards, embrace the climate shift with serum and hairspray in tow.


You know how much we’re fond of braids, but this month we want you to flip your technique! Instead of a regular French braid, reverse your plaiting process with a Dutch, “inside-out” version. The extra volume from the braid balances any extra water retention from rainfall (which flattens the hair follicles on your scalp) and the style keeps locks in place—equaling less frizz!

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