Coachella Fever!


Coachella is only days away and the action-packed, super popular music festival can be one wild ride. Camping, sweaty crowds and plenty of fist-pumping can make it hard to look fabulous, but there’s always a way. Before you head out to watch Kaskade, try these easy tips to spice up your hair, nails, and makeup!

Need to keep your hair in place but still want to look boho-chic? Add a braid over your bangs for a whimsical and carefree ‘do. Make sure to bring bobby pins to secure your hair in place. Kick it up by using a vibrant hair extension across your fringe!

No time for a full face of makeup? No problem! Bring one or two of your favorite water-based face paints. Wet your brush, swish it through the makeup and flick fast strokes to the side of your eye to add a creative, graphic accessory to your outfit.

Acid wash awesome! Want a unique manicure to match your technicolor outfit? Layer two nail lacquers atop each other and let them fully dry. Then, use an acetone-soaked paper towel to lightly swipe the top color off with gentle fast strokes. Add a matte top coat (we suggest Essie in Matte About You) to finish off your fingertips!

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