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Best Skin Savers From Around The Globe



Every country has a multitasking skin fixer that the locals swear by. From diaper rash, bug bites,dry skin and blisters, these creams are the miracle workers that can be found in your local pharmacy or supermarket. We took a peek at some of the makeup bags around the world and discovered three balms that we can't stop raving about.

Bag Balm

Made in Vermont for over 100 years, Bag Balm was originally formulated to soften cows udders (and is still used on cows and horses today!). The ointment contains ingredients such as petroleum and lanolin (a natural moisturizer derived from the grease and oil in sheep's wool) and instantly soothes dry, chapped skin. This wonder balm was even used to soothe the paws of rescue dogs during the search for survivors after 9/11.

Lucas' PawPaw Ointment

Aussie Beauties swear by Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment (actress Cate Balnchett is obsessed!), but the skin lifesaver is beloved worldwide too! Made with 100% pawpaw fruit (a close relative to papaya which contains a ton of healthy proteins and good-for-you fats), the ointment is used to help heal chapped lips, blisters, open wounds, rashes, and dry skin and as a dewy highlighter over your makeup. If there's one thing you should buy on your next trip Down Under, it's this stuff.


Described as the Spanish version of Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, this balm is used by makeup maestro Dick Page (the creative director of Shiseido—and fashion week favorite) to give models the dewy skin that we all crave. Biopel is also known as one of the best over-the-counter anti-wrinkle creams, and you can find it in in local Spanish pharmacies. So if you happen to be in Spain, stock up!

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