Beauty Storage Gets an Upgrade!


If you're reading this article, you've probably built yourself quite the makeup collection. But with so many products in your stash, it’s important to organize with easy access and space-saving in mind. Practically speaking, high-volume containers and slim palettes are best for a massive colored collection, but where do you keep your everyday essentials? We've seen and read some amazing suggestions from our community—we're talking color-coded drawers, fishing boxes, and even a DIY magnet board! It’s the season for spring cleaning, and we've scoured the net to find the most eccentric, charming, and elegant products to show off your daily beauty staples.

Keep things clean and minimal with translucent or cream-colored storage. Simple, shallow glass jars hold bathroom staples such as Q-tips and cotton balls, while Lucite trays allow you to view products easily without rifling through drawers. The hair station is pre-built with slots for your blow-dryer and flat iron—genius! Available in distressed wood, porcelain, acrylic, and glass, the colorless tone looks equally elegant and contemporary in every finish.

Who said your storage couldn’t look pretty itself? These vibrant pieces serve double-duty as art! The grass-tinted rubber stand holds everything from toothpaste to foundation in its blades, and the brick red honeycomb-like shelf is perfect for brushes and liners. Whether they're wall-mounted or counter-top friendly, these fun organizers add a little whimsy and personality to your daily beauty routine.

Metal accents complement existing bathroom accessories and can look sleek or romantic, depending on their finish. Go modern with the geometric lines of this brushed kitchen spice rack (hello nail polish organizer!), or give a nod to the romantic filigrees of the Victorian era with a vintage mirrored gold tray.

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