The All-Star Skin Scrubber You've Never Heard Of


Beauty tools are having a major moment. From the Clarisonic's sonic technology to the beautyblender’s ergonomic design, it seems simple applicators have evolved with their makeup and skin care counterparts. These high-tech designs are impressive and effective, but we're pretty stoked about an acne-fighting skin care sponge made from plant fibers—and it’s 100% natural!

Meet the Konjac sponge, a fiber-based puff derived from the eponymous flowering plant. Native to India, Japan, and China, the sponge (which totally reminds us of a charcoal briquette) is formed from root fibers of the tubor-like plant stem grown underground. The half-sphere is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and the porous, mottled texture of the skin sponge is actually quite soft—not abrasive—on sensitive skin. We tested it on combination skin, (gently rubbed on a damp complexion) and found skin to feel smoother and less congested after every wash. The biodegradable, colorant-free plant fiber is naturally moisture-rich and alkaline, so it does a great job of cleansing and balancing your skin's pH levels even without cleanser (yes—no extra product!). If you can't stand to part with your skin care must-haves, you can use a fraction of cleanser instead.

The original sponge is available with infusions of charcoal powder (pictured) or various French clays,  two natural substances popular for their clarifying properties. It's around $8 per puff and lasts approximately six months with daily use. In a sea of costly contraptions, would you consider this all-natural, budget-friendly cleansing alternative?