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First of all- Love the color selection!! It feels amazing on my lips & lasts soo long! i had to re apply it maybe once the whole night i wore it. & the price- cant beat it. Cant say i was too pleased with the texture; kinda sticky, what can you expect for a long wearing gloss.but hey, still a GREAT gloss and I would repurchase this!

I bought this for under three dollars at my local Ulta! It was better,smoother and lasted longer than some of my more expensive shadows. I was surprised with the pigmentation! Needless to say I will be checking into more Essence products in the future! However I do not like the packaging its a little messy for me.

I bought this lipstick today because I used all of my old Revlon Color burst in "baby pink" up. Revlon makes some really great lipsticks imo. I have the color lollipop. Its nothing too bright, its more so a lip stain with the texture of a lip balm. Kind of disappointed.. I wanted a lipstick not a colored lipbalm... but on the bright side, the color is nice on my fair skin. Might pick up another color, kind of iffy on it still.

Great product~Great price ;)

I blow dry/straighten my hair every other day so I need that extra heat protection. I had tried literally every heat protectant out there, and I always come back to suave. It doesnt make my hair feel like it had a "layer" of product over top of it like all the other products I had tried in the past. Since using this I have noticed less split ends/ damage.The smell is great and its SO cheap. I go through bottles of this! haha. Awesome product and of course I will continue to use this


I bought this at my local walmart one day just to give it a try and now im ADDICTED. I love the fact that it is 95% organic product. This makes my lips feel so moisturized and refreshed! Love the packaging, sooo cute. I had never found a round chapstick before! The smell of this is lovely, very light and not overbearing like some medicated chapsticks can be. Now I currently have 3 of the EOS lipbalms and I am pleased with each one!

I was hunting for a good, oil absorbing translucent powder one day at the beginning of my freshman year. I came across this at my local Wal-mart. This is my go- to loose powder. I am a senior this year and I still will always run to my CoverGirl translucent powder. The texture is so nice and smooth. It doesnt fall into any small fine lines or creases and just creates a nice matte look. Has great lasting power and really absorbs any oil I may have on my face. The only bummer, the smell. I almost couldnt stand it at first but now I have actually come to like it a bit haha. Overall, Wonderful product..I wasnt surprised though, CoverGirl never ceases to amaze me!

awesome mascara

Oh my gosh! what can i say about this mascara other than WOW! I absolutely love the feel of this, its so light and has a fluffy texture. For Volume- Did an okay job and pumpin&#39; my lashes up! but for length- WOW. It almost looked like I was wearing falsies. Everyone complimented me on how long and pretty my lashes looked. I wear this daily and WILL for sure buy again. I have this in the blackest black shade but next time I may try just brown, it was a little darker than how I usually like it. Overall, one of my favorite mascaras.


I have this in the color &#34;Nicely Nude&#34; Yet another AMAZING e.l.f lipstick! The color is very matte but not dry look at all. I really love the smoothness and non sticky feel of this lipstick. Needless to say, I bought 4 more! It nourishes and soothes my lips. The lasting power- Eh. I had to re apply often, but i didnt mind re applying ;) i love this!

Lovely scent.

I love this scent, it smells very light and fresh and last for a long time! I put it on as soon as i get out of the shower and it keeps me smelling fresh all day long. The price isnt too bad either, I believe it was 10.50 at my local Bath and Body.

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