Beauty Product Reviews

I love them

Doesn't not always remove all eye makeup. Not very cost effective. They work very well. I like to use them when I'm working on clients. They don't dry out my skin or hurt my eyes.

These kinds of oil based (even though it says oil free) makeup removers are wonderful because they take everything off. I love them. They work so well because oil attracts oil. I keep seeing comments saying that it leaves an oily feeling on the skin after their makeup has been removed. What you must understand about cleansers like this is that they are not meant to be your only cleanser; they should be followed by your regular facial cleanser. This is just what it says it is, a makeup remover, not a stand alone cleanser. With that being said, you can use any type of oil based cleanser to remover your makeup even if you have oily skin, because oil attracts oil. It will not break you out if you follow it up with your normal skin care regimen.