Beauty Product Reviews

This treatment includes argan, linseed and cyperus essential oils and has a light amber and vanilla scent that is not too overpowering. I am the one freak of nature that does not like vanilla scented items, so this makes me happy. The oil is a clear yellow color and the product is light weight and very smooth, it feels very lovely when rubbed in between the hands, very moisturizing. The name actually means liquid gold…which I thought was pretty cleaver. This oil helps my hair look nice and shiny and healthy more than it helps calm the frizz but I like it anyway. I actually really love.

The Product: The new Maybelline Fit me! Foundation comes in 18 shades and it is available in any local drug store. The foundation comes in 1 fl oz glass containers and provides a sun protection factor of 18. Each bottle costs about $8 before taxes and the Fit me line provides corresponding pressed powder, blush and bronzer.

The Pros: Generally speaking I like it when lines make it easy for you to find corresponding powder and blush for your skin type. I am of the idea that the average woman shops for make-up in drug store like settings (like my mom and aunts and most friends) so I like it when things are made easy for them. The way that the Fit me line is displayed in most stores does make it easy for you to find things that you will need.

As always, when it comes to drug store foundation the price makes me happy as does the easy and constant availability. I like that this product has SPF since so many of us forget to apply sunscreen daily, specially on rainy days. I think that if one of the 18 shades matches your skin type you will be happy with the smooth application and tone match up. According to the website the product has a

Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin’s natural highs and lows to show through.

I agree with this statement! The product has a very lovely natural finish.

The Cons:

Unlike their Dream Liquid Mousse line the container does not have a pump! I love a foundation with a pump and can not understand why they don’t all just have one. This is of course more personal preference than anything else.

Also, I think that this foundation is not ideal for oily skin gals who may be prone to blemishes, like moi. Since that foundation does have that very natural finish which allows your “natural skin to breath through” it only offers a very light coverage. I think this would be better suited for normal skin types.

Lastly I suspect that this foundation has given me brake outs. I recently have been braking out very much in my chin area. I had to do a check and see if anything had changed in my routine the only thing that is different is this foundation....

The Bottom Line: This is a nice product with a very lovely finish that would be most ideal for natural skin types who desire light coverage. I however will not be purchasing this product again.

The Rating: 3.5

The Products: This product comes in a 0.75 oz tube container and can be purchased online or in Sephora locations for $28. The balm is meant to minimize the appearance of pores and have a silky sheer finish.

The Pros: All I can really say is WOW! Those were actually the words, or should I say word that came out of my mouth the first time I tried this product in stores. It truly is very remarkable, it does an amazing job at minimizing the pores in just one easy circular sweep. The other great thing about this product is that just a tiny bit does a big job, so if you don’t misuse your product it will last you a long bit.

Also, it’s perfect for priming the face. Though I apply it before foundation application I think it can very well be used after foundation application as it dries sheer.

The Cons: Well, the cost is a bit steep when you consider the size but considering it gets the job done, it is very well worth it. The other thing I dislike about the product is that the effect is not long lasting. It lasted maybe half my day, perhaps a bit more. However, I do realize that us gals with big pore problems do need to mind our face and make-up a bit more than the average gal so, all-in-all not too disappointed with my “cons” list.

Bottom Line: A worthy investment. I will continue to purchase this product.

The Product: Zoya Nail Lacquers costs about $8 online, that is $1 less than OPI and about $2 more than Essie. You can probably find them in most nail or beauty supply stores, if you have the patience to look. You will get 0.25 fl oz of this non-toxic, natural polish with each purchase.

The Pros: Zoya has a very interesting and wide selection of colors. The colors are amazing and I love that what you see in the bottle is what you will get in your nail. When compared with other companies and their bottle to nail match ups, Zoya beats them all, in my opinion… very amazing! Zoya also has these things called “Zoya Spoons.” Basically you can shop online for these spoons, they are basically color swatches that you can place against your hand so that you see how the color will look on you. The spoons ship for free and any money spent on said spoons will go towards your next Zoya purchase! Pretty neat in my opinion!

Also what is great about this company is that they deliver a non-toxic, natural product which is safer and kinder to our environment.

The Cons: There are only 2 things on my con list which for me are pretty big things, which resulted in a low review….Zoya claims that it’s the longest lasting natural nail polish… well..... first of all I have never seen a polish take so ridiculously long to dry. It is extremely upsetting. On Friday of last week I polished my nails around 8pm with a soft pink shade called Pandora. I made sure not to touch anything, not to do anything and just allow my hands to dry as I set them on top of a pillow. I decided to wait by enjoying some T.V

When I went to reach for something on my side table I happen to press my hand against the sofa and guess what? My nails retained the patter on the fabric. The next morning, a whole 12 hours later, when I reached into my purse some paint chipped out. As I write this (on my blog), it is now 3 days after that initial polish and while at long last my nails seem to have dried they look horrible! So when Zoya says that they are the longest lasting natural nail polish does this mean that other natural nail polishes last less than a day or two?

Chips here and there, full of fabric patter and worst the polish is already wearing out….3 days is not very durable for me….and it frustrates me, specially because the colors are so lovely and the company concept GREAT.

The Bottom Line: I love the colors, applies read easy, the company has some great things going but due to the drying power and longevity I always think twice before reaching!

The Pros: First I really like that it has a pump. Once you have a foundation with a pump it seems really foolish to go back to one with out! Also, even though this product is targeted to normal skin types it does well against oily skin. As far as match-up I am really impressed. I purchased the natural beige shade in medium 2.5 and it felt like it was a perfect match to my skin tone. Once blended it didn’t really looked like I had make-up on. It looked very natural and though it didn’t fix every single one of my blemishes I was super impressed with the coverage, it does have an air-brush like finish to it. Most of all I liked that it lasted through out my 10 hour day. The price is pretty decent too.

The Cons: In all honestly I can’t think of ONE thing that I personally disliked about this product. It is perhaps one of my favorite all time drug store foundations now.

The Pros: With e.l.f the pros are always the price, the overall quality of the products, and the decent color pay off. These glosses are not super sticky, and are odorless which makes me really like them. The tube makes them great for travel, storage and application. They are excellent for natural looks, office type settings and excellent for giving your lips a little pep when you feel like doing nothing “fancy.” Of the two glosses I purchased I would have to say I really like “blossom” the best. It has the best color pay off and I like how it looks alone, as well as coupled with NYX’s lipstick in Miracle.

The Cons: Once applied the color isn’t really that noticeable and these two glosses can hardly be told apart. Obviously glosses are not as pigmented as a lipstick but if you are going to add color to your gloss there should be some color showing through. This is why I like the blossom gloss the best; it succeed in color where the bubblegum gloss fails. I actually want to try a few other colors before I brush the whole line off as too sheer.