Beauty Product Reviews

You Look Flawless

I am an ex dancer and I would spray this all over to get the flawless look. It covered scars, stretchmarks, it even made my tattoos look sharper lol i love it and use it every summer when i show skin, the price i don't like but i never pay full price anyway, Cut Those Coupons Ladies

Every day user

I use this everyday to remove my make up it is truly the best and it was in ALLURE too the say its the best remover they have seen it got some kind of award so it will stay in my nightly routine and when you just what to remove mistakes put some on a q-tip it works sooo good

Great Gift

I give this as a gift because it usually works on everybody but doesn't break the bank and its a light not overwhelming smell so if you give to a co-worker it wont stink up the office lol


I will always be an Ed Hardy fan I have all of the parfums even the colognes I never regret put them one I always get compliments. I cant even describe the sent you just have to smell it yourself to understand

I love ALL Ed Hardy

I do,I do, I do ! It smells so good and I get compliments from everyone down wind of me lol Its unique and fun and changes with your chemistry the whole day