Beauty Product Reviews

One of the best nail treatments out there

It's too bad that avon has discontinued this product. I have tried so many different treatments to get my nails to grow longer and not peel and crack and this did it. I got the bottle for free from my best friends mom who sells avon and I am just hoping beyond all hope she has another bottle in her stash because when mine is gone thats it :( so sad!! I didnt realize I had reviewed this once before!! I still feel the same tho.

Best way to make your sad weak thin nails, strong.

I got my bottle from my best friends mom who used to sell avon, and I tell you its the best gift I have ever gotten, I have been using it daily for about 2 months now and my nails have never been better, in a matter of a few weeks my nails are beautiful, they don't peel, chip, crack, break, or split, they grew nice and long, so much so I had to trim them because they were to long for me. I have never been able to have nice long nails without them snapping off by barely pulling on a pair of socks but when I trimmed them I was so surprised by the fact they cut cleanly no splits or breaks. :) I have used Nail tek Formula #2, and the OPI Nail Envy for peeling nails neither did what this did, I love how it soaks into my nail which lets me know its actually doing good, and it smells nice, lol I found myself smelling my nails like a weirdo... This is definitely something I will get again.

I use this on my hair once a week to keep it shiny and soft, since I only shampoo once to twice a week anyway. Tho if I go to long between washings my hair does start to feel too oily. the smell is nice but the feel is great it also makes my hands softer after I apply it to my hair. :P

The best way to use this I found, one to two drops in my hand rub them together and start at the tips where the most dryness is, then rub my hands again and run them through my wet hair, I only apply this right after I get out of the shower and my hair is still very damp.

If you love color but don't love to pay lots.

Sally Hansen has been a leader in the Nail care industry for a few decades now, and is always on top of some of the latest trends in polish. Their xtreme wear line is no exception. I own many colors in this line personally, and to date Black out is still one of my all time favorite black polishes. They are consistently well pigmented, the newer formulation with the dark silver tops is much better than the original one with the white tops, These ones are quite sheer and really only serve to make great transitional layering. Some of the best colors in the line are, Black out, Bubble gum pink, and Blue me Away! All are very pigmented and coat to perfection with just two coats. I recommend to anyone who wants great polishes to grab a few. For a faster drying time, I truly recommend picking up the seche vite fast drying topcoat, the formulation for it makes these polishes dry in about 5 minutes and makes them highly chip resistant, I can wear my manicures with this for up to 2 full weeks with little to no tip wear.

Good Value for the color beginner

I have two of these palettes the warm and the regular, I got them mainly to use on others. I have used them myself but since I stick to stuff I like I haven't honestly used the palette much. Like most cheaper eye shadows I have encountered this one has it's hits and misses. Some are perfect, beautifully creamy to put on, little fallout, and blend very well with brilliant color pay off. but some are also chalky and just dust your face with color, or some are so hard you have to scrape the top layer just to get anything to end up on the brush. I love the color range, but I also have better quality eye shadows that last longer and are easier to use. I say this is great if your just starting out, because they are affordable and you do get a big variety for your money.

One of the best balms I have ever used.

I learned about this from Michelle Phan, like I am sure many others had. For years I have been Loyal to the Blistex Lipmedex in the Blue Tub, Mainly because everything else was like slathering my lips with elmers glue.

I have to say one quick coat and my lips are soft and smooth all day, I always put some on before bed and wake with my lips being colorful and soft, if I dont I wake with colorless dead dry lips, kinda gross. They smell nice and taste ok, Unlike some others or the lip medex, which tastes like vasaline and bengay.. LOL.