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Does the job, but the smell?

I found this did the same for me as any face wash/soap would do normally, but the smell was horrid! I have since switched back to Cliniques sensitive liquid face soap, which doesn't particularly smell and is much gentler on my sensitive skin.

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Not for me

The packaging I like the product I don't.... I love that it comes with a large yet compact mirror and a brush (the brush is poor quality but it's a nice idea) and that the compact slides open so the mirror doesn't get covered in product.

I don't however like that this is impossible to bend with a brush and the only way to apply is with a sponge (defeating the fact that it comes with a brush...) the product is very thick and after about an hours wear the skin looks very greasy even with powder applied on top and if you touch it at all it just comes off and pushes it round your face. This might be suitable for very dry skin types but for anyone else I'd pass !

Never again !

Where do I start.... The claim is you will see the difference after a week, so after a week of putting this vile stuff in my mouth twice every day gagging from the vile taste every time and enduring the burning of my gums I saw absolutely no difference. This product is not worth the time, money and definitely not the hassle !

Good for low coverage, not a fan of the glitter

This foundation is great for low coverage that just evens out your skin tone but it doesn't do anything for hiding blemishes at all.

It's extremely light and feels like you have no makeup on at all and blends well when using the right brush, the one it comes with is a great idea but is completely the wrong type for the product.

I have very pale and sensitive skin and this one (so far) hasn't caused any irritation or breakouts it also doesn't exaggerate dry skin very much and it has a good colour range so for those reasons I like it ! Unlike any other powder foundation I have used this one feels very cool and moist when applied but stays completely dry.

The biggest flaw of this product though is the glitter... It's VERY glittery, it's not too obvious unless your in bright light which is good but I wouldn't have a photo taken with flash in this though or you will end up looking like something from twilight ! (Never a good look !)

Great for on the go !

This Palette is the perfect size for sticking in your bag and walking out the door. The colours are suitable for any skin tone and personally think that urban decay do the best eye shadows full stop ! I have all of the book of shadow pallets but sadly there a bit big to take with you all the time but this is perfect !

Perfection in a tube !

I couldn't praise this trod uncut more ! -First the colour range; great for everyone ! I have very pale skin and struggle to find products pale enough but they have a shade that matches my skin tone perfectly! -Second the coverage is the highest I have ever found ! Completely masks blemishes and dark circles. -Third the texture is incredible, it's thick enough for maximum coverage, buildable, does not cake and even works well under eyes without creasing. -And last but not least a little goes a long way ! Perfection in a tube !

Worth every penny !

I tried these out after using so many time wasting and uneffective whitening products, and it works a dream ! My teeth are much whiter after just 4 strips. Easy to use, works fast, no bad taste, can be used anywhere anytime !

Serious breakout causer !

I can't say this product doesn't do what it says on the bottle, but I can say it doesn't mention the serious breakouts it causes ! I will only use this now for a night out when my makeup needs to stay on all night , but my skin always suffers the next day :(

Lovvvvvve !!

I am in love with this ! I don't know why people dislike it so much to be honest , it's so easy to apply and unlike nail polish you haven't got to wait for it to dry and worry about smudging, mine lasted a week before it started chipping! Anyone who struggled doing these probably struggles painting there own nails so if you can paint your nails yourself then you will nail it ! I would definitely buy this again :)

Couldn't live without it !

I had really bad legs a while ago, they were so itchy and blotchy and just looked horrible ! I dont know what started it but it lasted over 6 months, then i found Tend Skin and in 2 weeks my legs looked and felt smooth again. I use it every time i do any type of hair removal now and never have a problem with bumpy blotchy skin or ingrown hairs.

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