Beauty Product Reviews


The bottle is so beautiful. Love the rusta feel. It smells so clean. I bought this two years ago and i still have almost less then a half of a bottle. I think this is such a great fragrance because it really is an every day, crisp, clean smell.

Authentic and refreshing.

This fragrance is one of my all-time favs. It is refreshing and playful. I think the notes in this fragrance are unique and addicting. It smells amazing. I need to get a backup!

Love this so much!

Flowerbomb is one of my all time favs. as well. Once again, my beautiful boyfriend bought me this as a surprise gift when we first started dating. I love it and only wear it on occasion since its small. I also have the roller ball though.

My boyfriend Bought this for me.

I adore this perfume. It honestly is so clean and great for everyday wear. Its another fav. I have the biggest bottle, which honestly lasts FOREVER. So well worth it. My boyfriend wears the male version. and it smells so sexxxy on him.

A Birthday Gift from my Boyfriend.

I do enjoy this fragrance. It smells a bit like soda pop if you ask me. Its playful and fun. It comes off as very dark and edgy, but it doesn't smell like that at all, in face it is actually the quite opposite. It doesn't spray black like you think it would. I believe that is why it is so catchy. I will not give it 5 stars only because it's staying power isn't that great!