Beauty Product Reviews

These Lipsticks are GORGEOUS!

I absolutely LOVE these lipsticks in Divine (dark lavender) and Spellbound (bright warm pink). The formula is great, moisturizing but I did have to reapply every so often to keep the colour bright (which is normal for all lipsticks). I'm dying to get these in some of the more light and neutral colours too.

Very Impressed!

This is definitely one of my favourite drugstore eyeshadow quads. The pigmentation is great, the colours are amazing and all work really well together. This quad also does a good job of making blue eyes stand out.

My favourite Nivea lip balm!

This is the most heavy duty out of the Nivea lip balms! It's perfect for winter when lips are prone to becoming dry and chapped. It has a thick feel to it on the lips which I like for the dry, colder months. And it lasts a long time, no need to reapply often.

Light feel and smells great!

I love this lip balm! It has a very light feel to it so I think it's more of a lip balm for summer. It smells like honey and lasts for awhile. I highly recommend it!