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  • Time to Learn Your ABCs

    Time to Learn Your ABCs

    Your beauty products and foods are filled with vitamins that are beneficial for your body inside and out. But do you really know what each vitamin does for your health, and the best way to absorb it? Here’s a simple guide that breaks down all the important ABCs.

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  • Social Experiment: The Morning After

    Social Experiment: The Morning After

    We’ve all done the walk of shame at one time in our lives, and this week Beautylish’s Jasmine takes the bullet and spends one workday in last night’s party makeup. Find out what happens to her as she braves the streets in smudged eyeliner and flaking glitter!

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  • Will You Wear 2012’s Hottest Color?

    Will You Wear 2012’s Hottest Color?

    Color-lovers around the world have already heard the latest news in hues—2012’s top shade is Tangerine Tango! Keep reading to learn more about Pantone’s color of the year.

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  • New Year's Eve Nails!
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    New Year's Eve Nails!

    Ring in the New Year with an over-the-top manicure! 2011’s final night of celebration is an excuse to go all out—we're talking glitter, metallics, and decals galore!

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  • 3 Ways to Modernize Vintage Hair

    3 Ways to Modernize Vintage Hair

    Hairstyles naturally evolve as fashion and makeup trends come and go, but some styles are just too pretty to forget. We look at three ways to modernize some of our favorite twentieth century ’dos.

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  • 3 Natural Cures for the Holiday Blues

    3 Natural Cures for the Holiday Blues

    Missed loved ones, hectic gift shopping, and the overall stress of the season can bring on the holiday blues. Fortunately, there are natural ways to lift your spirits—even through scent! We spoke with clinical aromatherapist Cary Caster to find out which essential oils can boost your mood.

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  • Fail-Proof Manicure Tips
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    Fail-Proof Manicure Tips

    Want to create the perfect manicure? Achieving salon-worthy nails at home is all about practice, technique, and the right tools. Keep reading for tips, tricks, and genius products that will help you create mess-free fingertips.

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  • All About Owl Nails

    All About Owl Nails

    Owl alert! This cute bird is swooping in on the world of nail art!

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  • Best New Blushes

    Best New Blushes

    Want to create sweet cheeks? Keep reading to see Beautylish's top picks in this season's fresh rouges.

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  • Cartoon Beauty Awards

    Cartoon Beauty Awards

    Do you remember watching your favorite childhood cartoons and staring at the makeup on female characters? We do too. That’s why we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite cartoon makeup mavens. See which of your best-loved illustrated all-stars made the cut!

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