Beauty Product Reviews

Completely disappointed...

I had such high hopes for this, I went and bought this along with the Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector. The lady at the counter was very helpful and said to give it a full month before I'd see results. I'm not one for patients but my pores are a bit of an annoyance for me so I decided to be a good sport and wait the month, after all I did spend $60 for both products.

After following the instructions for a month. (Apply the serum both morning and night) I honestly didn't see any change in my skin except for a LOT more white heads... Instead of tightening up my pores it just clogged them and caused my skin to break out even worse...

I was very disappointed in this products...and I had such high hopes..

Wonderful but...

I absolutely love this moisturizer. It does exactly what it says and keeps you matte and oil controlled almost the whole day! My only down side is that if you accidentally put to much on you look like a ghost because the moisturizer is white and goes on white.


These have got to be the best facial towelletes I've ever used! I love the clean feel they have and leave on my skin! I dont feel slimy or gross after using them. It really does leave a clean fresh feel to my skin. And removes all my makeup. The smell is awesome to!


I hated these! I bought them after reading the article "Best Budget-Friendly Makeup Remover Wipes" and absolutely hated them! They leave your face feeling slimy as it drys and drys making your skin feel weird. I would not recommend these to anyone!

Cute & Wonderful

I absolutely love eos' Lip Balm Smooth Sphere! As a graphic designer the package design hooked me so I bought them then once I started using them I was hooked! They smell great and work wonderfully. I bought a bundle back which came with vanilla bean (not the sphere), cool mint, summer fruit and honeydew. They are amazing! I highly recommend them!