Beauty Product Reviews

It's not the best black gel liner out there...

Pigmentation: It is pretty dark Texture: thick cream How does it apply: It tends to skip on me and I have to go over the spot again. Duration power: This liner wore off in a few hours. Smell: It doesnt smell strong or too heavy Size of the product: If I am not mistaken its 11oz could be more or less I won't buy this again but this is only my opinion and countless of people love this product. I say buy it at a drugstore when it's on sale try it and if you don't like it return it to the drugstore.

I love this product!

Packaging: Silver cap along with a frosted tube Made By: Bare Escentuals Size: 4.2ml Expires in: 12months Texture: Is Semi thick and is not sticky at all to me. Pigmentation: Its a milky pink but your lip color shines through. Lasting power: I normally but it on every 3 to 4 hours What my lips feel like: It gives you a tiggling sensation and cooling affect. Why I brought it again: YESSSS!!!