Beauty Product Reviews

Perfection, natural and inexpensive

I LOVE LOVE these I can't give them enough praise! I wear these mostly everyday of the week give or take days where I'm not bothered ha ha. When I meet up with people or even buying something in a shop people are ALWAYS checking out my eyes because of how good these lashes look! They blend so well with my own eyelashes and give perfect length. I've tried so many lashes and am so thankful to have come across these.I have naturally long and thick lashes anyway but when I want an extra boost for whatever occasion or day to day basis I'll be using these without fail, TRY THEM!

Saves the day type tan. Just don't wear with white!

I started out using this tan and I loved it - medium/tan glow. It has great coverage with lots of sparkles that does get you noticed! Inexpensive and has a variety of tan shades. Smells nice and lasts long, make sure to exfoliate before hand, usually had no streaks and use a clean mit. My ONLY complaint about this is it has RUINED so many clothes! Had to throw away white clothes nothing I've come across gets it out! Perfect for a night out or a summer glow, completely worth buying!

All Time Favourite Tan ♥

This is literally the best tan out there! I have tried so many it's unreal but this is the real thing. It is pricey but it lasts you apply and let develop, lightly shower and you're left with a gorgeous bronze tan. Its a perfect tan color not orange and leaves no streaks what so ever, no horrible smell and the BIG one for me was that it DOES NOT ruin my clothes one bit! I'll be sticking with this for life for sure, try it over wasting your time and money on cheaper less effective products!

Effective, affordable, efficient. TOTALLY worth it ♥

I live in Ireland where these aren't available, I watched so many videos recommending them that I HAD to buy them! So glad I did, honestly they work so well I would definitely recommend using a crest whitening toothpaste along side it to keep up the effect in between the 3 months. It can cause some sensitivity but mine lasted half a day at most, there is no horrible taste from the gel strips which is a plus! Easy to remove and no residue was left on my teeth. Try them before you spend hundreds going to a dentist or before you try a cocktail of other products, these are the ones to use!