3D White 2-Hour Express Whitestrips

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Mercedes D.

For me, this was an awesome product. My teeth were pretty white to begin with, however I noticed a vast improvement. I have sensitive teeth to begin with, and with this product, they were the slightest bit sensitive, but nothing to complain about. I think the sensitivity depends on the person, however everyone should keep in mind that you're applying peroxide to your teeth for two hours. It's like bleaching your hair... some people's hair can withstand it, other's can't and there are other options. I also love this product because I only have to wear them once every three months and it comes with a year's supply. In conclusion, this was an awesome product, and I'd definitely recommend this to a friend who doesn't have sensitive teeth. :)

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Niamh M.
Effective, affordable, efficient. TOTALLY worth it ♥

I live in Ireland where these aren't available, I watched so many videos recommending them that I HAD to buy them! So glad I did, honestly they work so well I would definitely recommend using a crest whitening toothpaste along side it to keep up the effect in between the 3 months. It can cause some sensitivity but mine lasted half a day at most, there is no horrible taste from the gel strips which is a plus! Easy to remove and no residue was left on my teeth. Try them before you spend hundreds going to a dentist or before you try a cocktail of other products, these are the ones to use!

Selina T.

These work really well, but oh my gosh, it felt like someone punches me in the mouth. My teeth were SO sensitive. It felt like I was biting into something cold. Wouldn't recommend if you already have sensitive teeth like I do. But other than that they are totally worth buying.

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Sophie M.
Sensitive no burn yesss!!!!

Ok so i use to use the ones that you put on for 30 minutes and those worked AMAZING i never experienced sensitivity or any of that. however, i used the 2 hour whitening ones. and my gums were on FIRE! now that went away after 5-8 minutes and i ended up using the whole box within a month apart from one another. just because i want my teeth crazy white lol i like the end result but they do go by no pain no gain :)

Angela V.

I got these because I cant pay for a whiting clean at the dentist. The reasons for buying these were 1. The price they were very reasonably priced 2. The were going to make my teeth white really quick

The end result was they did whiten my teeth some but they made my teeth very sensitive.. For all that it just wasn't worth it for me to have sensitive teeth

Alexandra G.

These strips are awesome! I used them along with the 30 minute ones and the only con I can think of is they make my teeth extremely sensitive. I got past it thank God and at least you only use one every 3 months. I used the 30 minute ones first to whiten my teeth and then these to make them whiter. My husband and I both ended up with white teeth :) Sorry but I had to knock off one star because of the sensitivity...I couldn't sleep because my teeth were in so much pain!

Maggie M.
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Saw the commercial for these and a review all in the same day once. Was in Wal-Mart and randomly saw them and it was an impulse buy. I have tried teeth whitening in my salon before, but prior to that I have never tried any kind. So having nothing to really compare it to, I gave it a try. As they were sitting on my teeth I was reading reviews of peoples teeth and mouth hurting really bad the following day. I was scared! They fit snug to your teeth and don't move. Took them off after the two hours (no discomfort while they were on) and went to bed and took two Tylenol just in case. They next day my mouth felt like I had just got a cleaning at the dentist. No real pain at all after that. My teeth were whiter, but not as white as I was hoping for after $50. It advises you to not brush your teeth before hand, which I did.. I think if I hadn't, it wouldn't have hurt at all the next day.