Beauty Product Reviews

My First Naked Palette

I purchased this on a whim and I love the pigmented colors. These rose gold hues are really pretty and work for every day looks. The only color I don't particularly like is the sparkly light pink that goes on more like glitter, but I love the others. The brush works really well for application and the colors blend very well into smokey or natural looks. The shades look great on all skin tones, and they are more than just pink. I think this is a great starter palette if you already have neutral browns and golds like I do.

Amazing Foundation

I use this almost every day with the compacted kabuki brush from tarte. It goes on almost like a cream and blends in flawlessly to your. It can be light, but you can also layer it and it doesnt feel heavy. The only thing I wish it had was sunscreen, but I wear it underneath and my face isn't shiny after I put this foundation on. I seriously recommend this for all skin types, as the amazonian clay is really good for skin. I have a sensitive face and I love this stuff. I will definitely stock up on this, especially since my shade isn't the most frequently purchased.


I can see why MUA's would want to ave this product, but it isn't practical for the every day girl . I like that it's Vegan and animal cruelty free, but it isn't a fantastic usable product. The color goes on very lightly as it is VERY pigmented. You end up mixing it with other products rather than going straight out of the tube, so it was a miss for me.

Nice illuminizer

I just started using this product and I can say that I definitely like it. As the others pointed out, it is VERY shiny so a little goes a long way. I mix it with foundation to make it more wearable for my skin tone, and it doesn't come off a sparkly like a fairy. It gives my cheekbones a nice glow, and it lasts.


It smells like heaven, lasts forever, moisturizes hair and scalp, and it smells AMAZING. If you have dry hair or dry ends, use this stuff. Carols Daughter has been a hit and miss for me, but this is a smash hit.

Great Stuff

I really like this. It's much easier than applying a pencil, but I admit that 22 dollars is a lot. I liked the ease of the product, and you don't need a lot to get results. I use it daily and my brows look more filled in and natural after usage.

Quality Concealer

I purchased this to use under my eyes and around my nose where I get redness. It does the job, but you have to moisturize the skin beforehand or else it will not set properly. I had no issues with the concealer rubbing off. When using it under the eye, I put it underneath AND on top of foundation and after eyeliner is applied and it makes a big difference. I wouldn't say its industrial strength, but I would purchase it again

Nice pigment and colors

This is a great basic palette for every day use. I have to say the matte shades aren't that great at all so I basically avoid those. But, the neutral shades are perfectly shimmery and this palette goes really well with the tarte eyeliners.

Great for my skin

Ebony Bronze in the perfect shade. It has just the right amount of shimmer and gives my face definition. It's the only bronzer I've found that works. It's wonderful. I highly recommend it.

Great, bold color

I purchased the shade sunburst. It's basically a really vibrant tangerine orange. It's great for summer and looks nice with my skin tone, and I'm sure it would look great on tan skin as well. The color is more vibrant depending on how many coats you add. I personally do about 2 coats, just to get the entire nail. Even without a topcoat, the color lasts for awhile. It's very shiny and bold.The only downside is that it's a pain to remove because it's 'color stay'. But, I can get over that.

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