Beauty Product Reviews

Such cute packaging!

This box set is adorbs for sure. But have we all been fooled by its cute exterior? NOPE! la la is a beautiful pink color, Kiki doesn't stay on as well as I'd hoped. It smeared a bit and came off much quicker. Both colors layer well with no signs of flaking and I'm over all happy to have them in my collection. Some of the shadows in the pallet have to be built up, and she's got a bit of fall out when the brush hits the product....But it's a very soft formula so that may be why. The pigment on most of the colors are good. And they all blend without any issues. I can't give this product full marks as it does have some shortcomings. I hope to see the next collection improve its quality back up to sugarpill standards. Over all I'm not mad at this collection, the packaging is adorable, and the products are a good quality. - The makeup Critic-

Love this flavor

I love the creative flavors J.S. comes out with. Sugar scrubs aren't comicated and all work about the same. I use this one as my new daily lol scrub with my daily skin care routine...if you haven't tried out this brands lip scrubs, I highly recommend this flavor. It's one of the better ones. - The makeup Critic-

Still the best formula on the market!!!

I bought this bundle during the 1st launch and WOW I was a bit worried that the silver metallic color wouldn't be as opaque as the others but it applies beautifully. The colors are unique and beautiful on any skin tone. Absolutely love this batch of colors. My favorites are the lilac and the metallic colors. The pink and purple tone colors will be great for spring. This set is a MUST have in your J.S. collection. - The Makeup Critic-

Not JS best colors

The formula is flawless as ever....but i just can't imagine what JS was thinking when he came out with these colors. They don't say "winter" to me at all...the pumpkin one looks like the color of shit when you eat too much caramel. I can see why this bundle didnt sell out. I bought the 5 pack during the sale. Even with the high demand i was able to get my order in 3 days. I highly recommend using beautylish over the js website. The colors chrusanthem and Sagittarius are very pretty. The other 3 are meh... in this photo attached you can see me wearing Sagittarius. I have super pale skin with yellow undertones.