Sugarpill Cosmetics

Little Twin Stars Collection


Doreen B.
Least favorite item from Sugarpill

I got more uses out of the box and the bag then the actually makeup. I really like Sugarpill, but it was a dud for me. The shipping was quick and the item was in perfect condition. Everything else I ordered from Sugarpill has been great.

sam o.
vey very nice!!!

its such a sweet collection!!!!! its very nice makeup and it smells so good!!!!! the box is pretty sturdy and the little bag that comes in it is super nice to!!!!

Shariya A.

Don’t buy this for full price. I got it on the sugarpill website for like $20. It’s cute but not for $79.

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Elisha M.
Super Sweet.

The packaging is absolutely perfect. Well thought out. Attention to detail. The eye pigments are very pretty and oddly all look good together. Perfect for super cute looks. The lippies are great, long lasting and great formula. Although the blue doesn't suit me I still use it on my eyes or mix with the pink to make a cute purple shade. I am very happy with this . Loved little twin stars since I was a kid so might be a little biased. Lol. Sugarpill is one of my favorite indy brands, for good reason.

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Rebecca R.

Eh, it's a cute concept~ but most of the colours aren't really that pigmented and my palette has crumbled so easily. (Only Star Ribbon and Dream Dust are still intact) :/

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Emily S.
Suuuuper cute, high quality product, I’m in love.
Photo of product included with review by Emily S.

First of all, I immediately bought this bundle just for the packaging. The Little Twin Stars/Sanrio look is absolutely adorable and I fawn over it everytime I go into my bathroom. I LOVE that you can reuse the box it all comes in, it’s magnetic and SO adorable and sturdy, I’ll be keeping something special in it for sure! Maybe crystals or something, I haven’t decided yet. Coming off my tangent though, the palette has such nice colors. The formula is super buttery and pigmented, and blends sooo well with literally no fall out(in my experience with it so far). The liquid lipsticks smell sooo good and I just adore how bright and happy they are!! Not to mention, the makeup bag is extremely adorable and I’m using it now as a place to keep all my Sugarpill lipsticks. Thank you so much Beautylish and Sugarpill, this was my first sugar pill purchase(besides trinket and kimchi), and I’m hooked!! I look forward to what products they put out next.

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Milah R.
Such cute packaging!

This box set is adorbs for sure. But have we all been fooled by its cute exterior? NOPE! la la is a beautiful pink color, Kiki doesn't stay on as well as I'd hoped. It smeared a bit and came off much quicker. Both colors layer well with no signs of flaking and I'm over all happy to have them in my collection. Some of the shadows in the pallet have to be built up, and she's got a bit of fall out when the brush hits the product....But it's a very soft formula so that may be why. The pigment on most of the colors are good. And they all blend without any issues. I can't give this product full marks as it does have some shortcomings. I hope to see the next collection improve its quality back up to sugarpill standards. Over all I'm not mad at this collection, the packaging is adorable, and the products are a good quality. - The makeup Critic-

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Adriana Z.

The packaging is so cute, the palette is very pigmentated and the lipsticks are amazing ( and full of glitter ).

The shipment to Italy was very fast ( about one week ) and the custom didn't create any problems. I loved this experience, surely I'll buy again Sugarpill and I'll order from this site.

Really good work, Guys!

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Joani L.
Super duper cute!

I am the biggest Sanrio fan and I am really glad this set performed. I am loving the colours a whole lot, though this is not a standalone palette.

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Rebecca W.
Nostalgia & good product brand

The product is build able and really nice colors. I wish there were more matte shades but over all really nice collaboration. Better used wet for better color payoff.

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