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I don't know how I lived before these Sugarpill palettes! All the shadows are amazingly bright with awesome payoff. I use them as much as I can and delight every time I do. The colours blend well, expecially for mattes, and have great staying powder. The bright colours really get your creative juices flowing and the range of shades lets you do so many different looks.

Note: Dollipop (pink from Sweetheart) does stain your lids if you don't use a base. A white cream base or eyeliner completely removes this problem and NYX Jumbo eye pencils help a lot. I personally don't mind and the colour staining isn't very strong anyway.

Such an AWESOME palette!!!

Quick take: Fantastic for dry hair! Curly hair heaven!

After using this Deep Repair Masque my hair was smooth and awesome! Man, I love this product! It is definitely my absolute favourite conditioner/masque of all time! I'm really happy with how my hair turned out after using the masque. The texture of my curls is phenomenal and they hold their shape in a tight ringlet without me styling them with gel or anything and they remain so soft and delicious. And the relaxing fragrance smells really clean and fresh; even the next morning my hair still smelt glorious! I would definitely repurchase this and feel like stocking up on it already. The packaging is nice and The Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque is definitely my holy grail of conditioners. I feel relieved and in love. I have found my hair's nirvana!

If you have dry, coloured or curly hair I would absolutely recommend the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque. It's worth the price and smells just as nice!

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