Beauty Product Reviews

Great value

This was my first brush set, it is an amazing starter set. The brushes are soft, and hardly loose any hair, are easy to clean and since they arent real hair are great for cream and gel based products. And the best part is the price (I got mine for $15 on a Mothers Day 50% off all gift sets promotion!) I think its wonderful for someone just getting into makeup, and I still use the brushes for my personal makeup routine.


I love love love this concealer. Its light weight yet has a magnificent coverage all while blending almost seamlessly into my skin. What more could a girl want? I've recently begun to shy away from liquid foundation for my every day makeup as I'm prone to acne. I find that a little Studio finish on a sponge, blotted under the eyes to cover my dark circles and the few blemishes I have is most excellent. Finish with a lightweight power and I'm good to go

Thumbs up

Its a great shadow base for the price. Does what a base is supposed to do. I absolutely love it with my BH eye shadows as it helps them to blend well and keep their intense color and even looks okay on its own with a little bit of eye liner if you're in a hurry :)