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Beauty Product Reviews

A Must Have!

I just love these jumbo pencils!!! i have a few colours as i mostly use them as a base... however MILK is my absolute fav!! it turly brings out the shadows true only need a little as they tend to crease...but overall its a great product! definitely a must have!

This is my go to Mascara for drama and length! :) love itt......Gives me great definition and makes my lashes look more full....The large brush helps with a faster application as i have big eyes, not so sure it would work well with those who have smaller eyes....but i still think its a great mascara :)

I like this Mascara but its not the best ive gives me a more natrual day look, which is when i use it most. I find that after a few hours of use it tends to flake....its good but not great.... :)