Beauty Product Reviews

Super soft & definitely luxurious!

Soo... I have been eyeing this particular brush for quite sometime, but it sold out last time, before I had a chance to purchase.. well this time was perfect, they now have a white version! I got 2 and contemplated keeping them both for myself, but tis the season! So the bestie will get one and I plan to get another one in black, when funds arrive :D


I am so into OCC lip tars for their longevity, however, they do tend to suck the moisture from my lips! So, once I tried this freaking amazing stuff! I was hooked!! It does suck a bit of moisture from your lips, but that is usually after a whole day of wearing it! This is definitely my "go to" lip color!

I feel like royalty when I use these!

While most blotting papers work pretty much the same and essentially do the same thing.. this one does it with more finesse.. They take away the excess oil without taking your makeup with it, or leave my skin feeling dry. There is actual gold flakes in these awesome papers and it could be why my face feels so luxuriously supple and balanced after blotting with them. No other blotting papers compare.

Cute Packaging!

I got this gloss in a set they had & OMG, I thought all lip glosses were the same! Until my lips met this gloss!! It has a subtle feel of menthol and so it feels 'active' and well, I have no lips and this makes me feel and look look like I do! Yay! And the cute packaging comes in real handy for me when I am looking through my gigantic purse and I can see the big shiny jewel sparkle, then I know I have the right gloss! Love this stuff!

Love it with or without eyeshadow!

I have a serious problem with creasing on my shadow, but this stuff works WONDERS! Not only does my shadow stay in place all day, but it looks FRESH all day! I also wear it without shadow, it keeps my lids so soft and velvety.

Must have this brush in your arsenal!

This is a brush that you must have in your arsenal! The hairs are perfectly shaped and the stiffness is simply dreamy! So much easier to do a smokey eye with this beauty!