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Beauty Product Reviews

A great moisturizer for dry skin

This is a moisturizer that is perfect if you have dry skin. Unfortunately I have combo, oily skin, so the moisturizer proved to be too much for my face to handle. It left it way too greasy. But, I do have a bad case of dry feet, so I actually use this moisturizer for that and it's perfect! It keeps my feet smooth and moisturized all day long!


I didn't realize how much I really liked this cleanser and makeup remover until I ran out and had a hard time trying to find it! The lavendar fragrance smells wonderful and it is so gentle. As a makeup remover, it cleans all of your makeup away, including waterproof mascara. Great product

If it was longer lasting, it would be perfect!

I reviewed this one for Yahoo Shine as a Beauty Guru. I loved the color combo and the concept. It also goes on reallys smooth. However, its not highly pigmented - meaning you could barely see it on me and without a primer, it won't make through the day.

Verrry Nice!

I used this for my wedding it looked fabulous!