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This is by far my favorite liner

I love this liner for many reasons....

for one, it goes on VERY black black. it also comes out smoothly and the felt tip doesnt seem to dry out if you're using it felt side up and lastly, it's super fine tip makes it a cinch to draw a beautiful wing

I just adore this's by far my favorite ever, I just want to eat it!

the lasting power is really great. I love the body lotion too b/c it's shimmery. Also, I love the shower gel, but I ran out of it *tear*

i love everything about these!

Hey all, so I own about 15 fluidlines, and some are 5 years old and still haven't dried out. Many people complain about them drying out, but if you close the lid tight, and also make sure to close the lid as soon as you've gotten your product out of it (even if you know you'll need to grab more for the next eye), then the fluidline will stay creamy for years to come.

There's a wide selection of shades, my favorite is called royal wink, it's a vibrant bright blue that's unfortunately discontinued.

I prefer to apply them with a lip brush or a 231. My next choice is a 266 type brush.

These also work well in the waterline, especially the black one

This was my favorite tanning product and I'm so so sad that they discontinued it. It was a watery consistency that you put onto a cotton round, then rub over your skin. It gave instant color. The smell was nice too. So sad to see it go :(

wow, this product is AMAZING. I use this even though I don't have wrinkles. It's a 21 day system that brightens, evens out your skin tone, and helps with wrinkles. After a few days of use, you really see a difference. My skin looks so radiant.

I can not say enough good things about this cleanser. It has 3 different formulas, one for oily skin, normal/combo skin, and one for dry and sensitive skin. It smells like clean laundry :) It takes off all of my makeup. Just be sure to get the right formula for your skin or else it could leave it feeling dry

a staple in my kit

I absolutely adore this product. It has a very pleasant smell as well. It has a nice creamy texture. You can wear this alone, or mixed with foundation, or wear it under foundation for that "glow within" look. It comes in 3 colors. It's essentially a highlighting lotion, its original color is very similar in color to mac's strobe cream

This cream does the job but the smell is a little weird. It definitely makes your hands feel softer, but for 20+ $$, I'm not sure it's worth it. I seem to get the same effect from my drugstore cheap body lotion

perfect sun screen, just very very expensive

This is the perfect sunscreen. Say goodbye to that greasy thick cream we've been rubbing on our faces for so long, and say hello to UV plus day screen. It's so light weight and doesn't have that typical sunscreen smell. The ONLY downsize is its cost. $40 for 1 tiny ounce. ouch!

a quick fix to the skin

OK, I need to clear up something about this product. It is NOT a setting spray, it does not "fix" the makeup. This product is actually intended to be used BEFORE makeup. It's a quick "fix" to the skin to make your makeup lay better over the skin.

It has a great smell to it and the feel of it is very refreshing. Fix + is the first thing I apply, then my serum, moisturizer, eye cream, THEN foundation!

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