Beauty Product Reviews

I thought I needed it...

When I first bought this palette I thought I was going to use it a lot. I think it's still good to have but for me, I didn't reach for it as much. The only time I use it is actually when I'm filling in my eyebrows with one of the eyeshadow color. I took it with me when I went traveling before and I was actually really scared it would break, a few of the eyeshadows came out but its nothing super glue can't fix. I feel like the colors are too similar and since they're mostly matte, the colors don't show as much. But I would still recommend it for girls who like natural makeup or is just starting with makeup. :)

Really good for the price

This was my first palette I got from Coastal Scents and it is really good! :) At first I didn't really know how to use them because they were all matte. But after a while when I got comfortable, i really like this palette! I also got the Ultra Shimmer one and I thought I would like that palette more than this one but I actually like this palette more. I would recommend this palette and all the other ones Coastal Scents have. I even created a look using this palette. :]