Beauty Product Reviews

Got quite a few!

I have a collection of these and I'm still going. They are great! I've done so many things wit these and they never let me down. And their cheap!!! I would say though the black seems to get thick from time to time but nothing that a nail polish thinner wouldn't sort out.

My Fave Gloss

I have this in Champagne and I love it! A makeup artist put it on me and I was just like "Girrrrrlll, what is that?!" I went and brought it the next day and have been using it ever since. I wear it over my nude and pink lipsticks and I get a great finish every time. Even by itself it looks great. I'm on my second wand!

Best Contour For My Skin Tone!

Seriously I could not find a contour that was dark enough for my skin, then I came across this and I watched some reviews on it and there were people darker than me saying it great and dark enough for their skin so I thought HEY let me go get it. LOVE it! Use it nearly everyday, I don't use to much of the highlight just a little because it goes a long way, I also use the contour shade on my eyebrows. Great staying power! I got it in Dark btw.

Nearly every shade :)

Yes I own nearly every shade I love them that much. People tend to say they chip easily but not for me I wear them without or with a top coat (depends on whether I can be bothered) and they last quite long for me. Great colours too.


Sooooooo not given enough attention! They are great, I love the blue one I have the most, I suits my skin tone really well. The topcoat is good as well lasts quite long. These nail varnishes last longer than MAC's nail liquor, waayyy longer. FACT

Great pigment but lasting power...

I do love me a Sleek blush, at the moment I've got Flushed and Pixie Pink. I do use the Flushed blush more often because it literally goes with any look I do and it gives me a healthy look. I use the Pixie Pink when I'm going out and I love that colour its a really girly, fun shade. The only thing is the staying power, not I'm not sure if its just me but they don't stay on too long, its the only thing I have to touch up.

My Fave Lipstick!

I think these lipsticks are under rated seriously they are good stuff! I've got about 7 of them in different shades and they are quite pigmented for £1! Actually just in general. I wear shade 13 all the time, I'm on my third tube I use it so much, not to say they come off easily because they don't but I just use it everyday which is why I've had so many, but I do have to layer it to get my desired look which is maybe why. Also they are quite moisturising.


Great price, great product! Ive brought this in translucent and it works fine for my dark skin tone, doesnt look cakey or anything. Smooths out my face real nice and great for pictures.

Great! But the price? Really?

I like it a lot, I helps me with the staying power of my lipsticks (mine lasts for like 5 seconds lool) but I'm really not feeling the price. £10.50? For real? Its just a nicer version of Vaseline tbh.

Nice Colour But...

I have this in Quite Time which was limited edition I think and I love the colour btt it chips soooooo easily its a joke, the consistency is great, the sheen is great, the finish is great but the lasting power? Not there I'm afraid.

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