Beauty Product Reviews

Part of an equation!

My skin got super scary dry this winter, so I became VERY limited in the foundation/cover up I could use... This was originally not my first choice, but I found it was the only thing I could use without my face looking like cracked clay! So, here's the deal - it's expensive, and looks weird and orange'y when you first put it on. I agree with the earlier review that it doesn't offer very much coverage, and your skin has to be in pretty decent shape (I have some unevenness, but haven't had to tackle any major breakouts since I've started using this...) HOWEVER - I've built a secret formula around it that works wonderfully for me! I mix one pump of the Perricone, a tiny bit of the Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer, and a tiny bit of the Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer. I feel with this mix, my skin just looks very clear with a tiny glow from the Illuminizer.

I really like this product, but be careful not to overdo it! Start slow, you can always add more - if you put on too much straight away, you might end up with this weird alien sheen (not in a good way!) that could turn you off the product. I add a tiny bit of it to PERRICONE MD No Foundation Foundation and it gives a very pretty, natural looking little glow.

Cinnamon overload, in a good way.

If you dig cinnamon then this is for you. The product write-up states that this is supposed to promote hair growth, but I haven't used it religiously enough to assess that claim. I tend to have oily roots with dry-ish ends that are prone to split, so here's what I like to do with this New Shampoo bar: On days when I don't really need to wash the whole length of my hair but feel like the roots could use a blast of clean, I use this bar just on the roots because the cinnamon leaves a really clean, fresh feeling. Does the trick! This bar really kind of has a stand-alone scent in my opinion though, so I wouldn't try to mix it with any conditioners or anything that you don't think will mesh well with the smell of cinnamon.

Smells great!

I absolutely love LUSH's Karma scent - in everything - so perhaps I'm a bit biased! This solid smells great in the shower and fills the room with its scent. I do wish it lasted a *bit* longer throughout the day, though. I'm unsure if it has conditioner in it as well, but it seems to leave my hair feeling slightly more conditioned than some of the other solid shampoos. And the scent. Did I mention the scent?! It also pairs well with the Jungle solid conditioner - the scents really compliment each other. Plus, these solid bars are great for traveling. They don't spill in your suitcase, there's no headache going through security like there is for liquid shampoo and they last so long you definitely won't run out during your vacation!

Tastes a bit weird but does the job!

I've only tried it once so far, the rest of the box is in my bag in case of emergency. The taste is a bit odd at first - it's a bit more tangy than you'd expect a toothpaste to be. However, it does foam like a regular toothpaste and does leave your mouth fresher. I could definitely see these little tabs coming in handy after dinner at a restaurant to freshen up before heading out for the rest of the night. Easy to throw 'em in your bag, as the box is roughly the size of a matchbox and there's about 30 tabs in there.