Karma Komba


Jael H.
Love It!

I love the smell, love the way my hair feels afterwards, and love how long it lasts. It is much more convenient than a bottle of liquid shampoo. I love everything about this shampoo bar! Oh, I especially love how I don't smell chemicals in my hair while shampooing.

Angela W.
Yes! Praise the shower Gods, Yes!

The smell of this alone will keep me purchasing it. All of my urban hippie wannabe dreams can finally come true after I wash with this! Granted I'm washing my bleach blonde, flat ironed hair in lieu of dreadlocks- but damnit, I'm earthy and practically wearing tye-dye once I lather up with this stuff.

My hair comes out squeaky clean and shining. It also lasts forever. A little goes a very, very long way. Loves it.

Katherine W.
Compact, travel friendly, and smells great!

I got this bar about 5 months ago durning the holidays. I was soooo skeptical at first, but loved it after trying it once. I used up the whole bar in about 5 months [side note: I try to wash my hair every other day] and the cost is only $10.95. I would say that is rather inexpensive compared to some shampoos I have purchased in the past. Also, these are soooooo travel friendly. When I fly, I never check-in my bag. So I love how this is a solid shampoo! It won't spill in my bag and I have more room for makeup/beauty stuff in my "liquids" baggie. =]

[How to use] Just run the shampoo bar across your damp hair. The LUSH website says about 3 passes, but I usually run it across my hair about 6 times. I guess it's because I have longer hair? Or maybe I just want a really good lather. By the way, this little bar creates such a good lather...surprisingly! =]

[Features - as stated on the LUSH website] No more knots - Fantastic at detangling wavy, curly hair. Lavendin - Contains lavendin that is soothing, calming, and works to calm the emotions. Flake bar - Essential oils keep dandruff at bay.

[My hair type] I have super oily hair with dry annoying [and opposite] does that sound?!?!?!

[Would I repurchase?] YES! I currently picked up 2 other solid shampoos from LUSH to test, but this one is definitely a keeper.

Jennifer R.
Smells great!

I absolutely love LUSH's Karma scent - in everything - so perhaps I'm a bit biased! This solid smells great in the shower and fills the room with its scent. I do wish it lasted a *bit* longer throughout the day, though. I'm unsure if it has conditioner in it as well, but it seems to leave my hair feeling slightly more conditioned than some of the other solid shampoos. And the scent. Did I mention the scent?! It also pairs well with the Jungle solid conditioner - the scents really compliment each other. Plus, these solid bars are great for traveling. They don't spill in your suitcase, there's no headache going through security like there is for liquid shampoo and they last so long you definitely won't run out during your vacation!

Jen P.

The scent is amazing! I bought this for the scent alone while I was in the Lush shop the other night. I used it that night and I absolutely love it. It lathers well, does an efficient job of getting your hair clean, and leaves that heavenly scent in your hair. I wouldn't recommend using the shampoo bars often if you have semi-permanent hair color though, they tend to strip the color a bit.