Beauty Product Reviews

I wish I could love it!

I was so excited to pick up this product after reading so many reviews and the price is honestly amazing! I picked up the blush in Pin Up and loved the shiny, bronze feel. However, after three days of wearing it, I broke out in a terrible red rash with tiny bumps over my cheeks. I wish I knew why! I suspect it's because my skin is so sensitive and I'm not used to wearing drugstore products, but still, with the reviews I was sure I'd love it!

This was my first experience with Hard Candy and I don't intend to knock the brand (in fact, I'm eager to try more products!) but it definitely doesn't get my vote for this product. Sorry!

Love it!

Wow, I'm truly amazed at the other reviews and am so interested as to why I had such a different experience with this liner. To begin, felt-tips are definitely more difficult to work with (especially when wanting clean lines) but the sturdiness of this pen allows for easy 'winged tips'. I agree with the others in that the formula dries QUICKLY. The second you apply the formula, you'll see that it's already dried. Therefore, you need really steady hands to do a clean look or it won't be fun trying to fix.

What I love most (aside from the organic ingredients) is that the formula lasts forever. As a dance instructor, I need make-up that won't smear or smudge and this is the perfect liner for that. My skin is more oily than not (although it is a combination) and combined with sweat, perhaps this helps hold the quick drying formula. I've been using it everyday for the past 3 weeks and it still seems to have a lot product so I'm not too disappointed.

All in all, love this product and will continue to use (considering the price!)

Great liners - must try all the other colors!

Mally Beauty's liners are wonderful, easy, and smooth. They glide on well and don't do too bad of a job at creating clean lines. For the most, I'd say that they're waterproof but at the end of the day - without retouching - you may find some smudging. You must try the other colors (especially the Navy). They work well for lining beneath the lash line and also in the inner tear duct.

Love, love!

There's something about this blush that I simply adore. I have the "Sunrise" and I think it honestly compliments my skin 'naturally'. Nothing looks too overdone, but instead, adds a soft glow that helps my cheek bones appear rosy effortlessly. The cream primer is a wonderful formula and I don't find myself needing to retouch so often. I'll warn you that the powder is REALLY light - if you're going for dark and noticeable, this probably isn't for you.

Thus, because the powder is so sheer, you get an "effortlessly rosy appeal". I love this because it works with my medium-tan skin. I don't recommend this product for those with naturally pinky areas in the cheek bones.


Love the original - blends well and is definitely long-lasting! There wasn't any creasing and the pigments never faded. As a dance instructor, long-wear is a must and enduring oily skin/sweat is an important factor in selecting the right primer. I was not disappointed :)