Beauty Product Reviews

Met my expectations, then made me cry

I remember when this mascara came out. It was around the same time as Cover Girl's Last Blast. There was a bit of pushing between the Lash Blast and Colassal Volum'Express camps. For performance, I was all about the Colossal. The brush was better; the result was better. I liked what this mascara did. I had plump, richly black lashes. However, the smell of the product was too strong. It made my eyes tear when I applied it. And since I was using the non-waterproof version ... well, you can imagine the racooned-out look. So, for those who aren't too senstive to the smell/vapors, this is an awesome product. Sadly for me, we shan't meet again.

Good quality, good price

I have tens of these nail polishes. Like some reviewers have noted, a number of them are sheer. If that's a problem for you, just look at the bottle in the store; tilt it and see how quickly you can detect the air bubble. If it's really quick, the polish is sheer. I prefer more opaque polishes, and this brand has a ton of them. Most of them require only two coats. If you're looking for trendy colors that you might not wear often, you really can't beat the price and the variety.

Okay for enhancing powder shadow color, but beware the creasing.

I like NYX's Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils well enough as bases. I do not care for them at all by themselves. I have used Milk on a number of occasions to make bright eyeshadows appear bright on my lids or to give pale, sheer shadows a background to stand out against. However, the difference in using the pencils and not using the pencils is not dramatic enough for me to use them often. I recommend using a base under these pencils because they do crease. If you have oily lids, they crease a lot. I also recommend using a brush to blend and thin the product out so there's not too much creaminess to get stuck in your crease.

But my thought is this: if you have to use a base under your base and the second base doesn't do anything fabulous to your eyeshadow, why use the second base?

I adore Indianwood!

If I could only use one eyeshadow for a whole year, I would choose Indianwood. The color is complex--brassy metallic on top, ruddy mid-tone brown underneath--and matches my skintone beautifully. I can wear just a little to add dimension to my lids or a lot for a full-on metallic explosion. It's my favorite makeup product ever!