Beauty Product Reviews

This set of make-up brushes really improved my applicant of make-up, the foundation brush had very fine bristles making it less streaky. I really liked all of the brushes and they are great way to start off your make up brush collection. Each brush was very soft and delicate with made it nice when applying make-up. I would definitely recommend these brushes as they are a very nice quality and will be perfect for any makeup collection.

Handy, Simple, and Useful

This product I have used many times, it is perfect to take out with you as it is small but does last a long time. It stops my lips from chapping and immediately hydrates my lips to leave them looking healthy, smooth and not dry

A must have in every makeup bag!

I love this product, you can create so many different looks with just this one palette, if you have this set of eyeshadows you will not need any other as it has all of the colours you need.

From natural winter looks to bronze smokey eyes this palette will be really useful when it comes to creating different looks.

It has a smooth application and depending on how rich you want the colour depends on how much of the product you apply.

It is also easy to take with you as the palette is thin so will fit strait into your hand bag. I really recommend this Naked palette to anyone who wish to achieve many looks but not have loads of different palettes everywhere as it is handy and high quality.

This product is really good, it blends in with your natural skin tone, isn't cakey and stops your skin looking oily or uneven. I have it on in the photo of me and it has made all of the blemishes on my face disappear. I have had it for a while and still has not run out and with the sponge applicator it evens out your skin tone to give you a naturally looking clear and glowing skin. I really recommend this product as it is the best one I have tried.