Beauty Product Reviews

Am addicted...and I have been loyal to the same few lip balmS for ages (The Avene Lip-balm for like 6 years from teenager-hood til I moved to Berlin and found...the Weleda one... until I move to the U.S and found E.O.S ! Love the 95% organic ingredients. This was one of the reasons I stepped outside my comfort zone and tried it.

Amazing but makes my hair greasy faster :/

I love this product but stopped using it when I noticed it made my hair get dirty faster. I usually try not to wash my hair too often, because it's not really that good for your scalp, but if I used this product I might had to wash my hair much much more often. Anyway Still amazing product, smells great !

I use this powder mostly before anchoring, to set my heavy make-up so that it stays in place while I sweat under the lights. Basically it does the job in that context, but the container is not really practical no matter what, it is very messy, the powder is so fine...I feel I have no choice than waste it because of that.

Great product!

A great product, I just use it a concealer, or sometimes on my T-Zone, great finish, doesn't feel greasy, no's all I ask! I would definitely by again, this product belongs to my "must have" list.

I see every day in purple!

I fell so in love with this eye shadow, that sometimes I had to stop myself and choose another color for my day look! Not sure what to do...I just love Strada, great pigments, with sparkly tones ( I am not really a fan of sparkles but in Strada it just works) Even when I don't need purple in my look, I always add a tiny touch of Strada.

My one and only!

This is the only Blush I want to use, even when sometimes I need a less "sparkly" look...I just love it! Love Nars! So easy to blend! Great texture, great packaging...

I wish they made this one into the egg shape. This is far more moisturizing than the other ones I tried (Summer Fruit, Honey Dew and more recently The Tangerine one---big disappointment By the way---) This one is my favorite by far!