Lip Balm Smooth Stick


Alexa A.

I thought when I first tested this product that is was better than the sphere. However, after using it for a while with dry lip conditions I don't find it any better. Again packaging and scents are good, but the quality of the product is just not there.

Rawrin R.

I have the Mint EOS and it is extremely smooth! It glides right on! I'm obsessed with it! When I put it on my lips it feels amazing!! I just wish it was a little thicker!

Kaitlin W.

I like it but.. It really the same as the sphere one just as a stick I have the strawberry sorbet that I got in a set. It's just as nice and the same as the sphere just as a stick so it's up to you 😝

Remi J.

I don't really like it. I like the sphere better. It tastes different than the sphere and it is to thick and just doesn't work. So take my advice: DO NOT BUY IT!!

Phoebe G.
Better than the Sphere

I love this lip balm. I have had a few of the sphere versions and I feel like the sick is much more moisturizing. I also like the vanilla scent better than the scents offered in sphere form. Overall great product!

Theresa G.

I love all EOS lip balm products. I always have the stick and a sphere in my purse. The stick is more moisturizing than the spheres but to me they are pretty darn close.

Cassie C.

I love the eos lip balm! I goes on my lips so smooth! They also have a great smell! I would recommend these to anyone! I have also used the round ones and have pretty much every color in those.

Angel H.

OMG!!! Ok sooo.... Im alil crazy in love with eos products not only do i have all the spheres but i now have all the smooth sticks! What can I say I LOVE THEM!!! i just cant wait for eos to come out with more flavors.

Eleonora B.

I wish they made this one into the egg shape. This is far more moisturizing than the other ones I tried (Summer Fruit, Honey Dew and more recently The Tangerine one---big disappointment By the way---) This one is my favorite by far!

Nicole R.

This was pretty moisturizing but I only have tried the vanilla one but i like the egg shape better. Ive never seen this in stores but i got mine in a set with other ones at target. It wasnt to glossy that you couldnt wear it out.