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Hi Jasmine. Thank you so much for your message. I'm a makeup artist in the Caribbean and I have been posting some YouTube videos. I've had a question maybe you can help with. Do you know of any well known Caribbean YouTube beauty gurus here on Beautylish or YouTube? I've been wanting to ask a few questions and seek advice. I'd like to target a larger audience and my questions have to do with my location and IP address and whether Google will pick me up even with me being in a tiny island. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to being more active on this platform :)

Hi Divya! I want to introduce myself as community manager here and welcome you. A great way for you to get started here is by adding a couple of pictures of yourself, linking your twitter and facebook, and getting in the talk section to get to know other beauties! If you have any questions please feel free to keep in touch with me! xoxo

Divya Amarnani N.

Location: Toronto, Ontario CANADA

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